Why is it better to relax in Georgia?

If you are looking for a resort where you plan to spend your vacation - pay attention to Georgia! Only in this country with centuries-old traditions, as well as a rich culture, every guest is welcome! After all, guests for Georgians are not just a word. Georgia has always been famous for its hospitality and many interesting places, the history of each of which you can learn during the tour. This is what sets Georgia apart from many other resort countries. Holidays in Georgia are available for almost any budget!
Popular tours
How the tour is booked
You choose a tour and fill out a booking form
After processing your application, to the specified e-mail and mob. the phone will receive a confirmation, with a detailed description of the tour
By clicking on the link in confirmation you pay up to 15 % of the cost of the tour, depending on the terms of the tour
After meeting and transferring to the hotel, you pay the full cost of the tour
And then only fresh air, mountains of delight and a sea of positive...
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