Briefly about Georgia

Briefly about Georgia

Amazing nature and Paradise for tourists

Beautiful mountain houses, medieval fortresses and monasteries, breathtaking views, Hiking trails, waterfalls, green hills and majestic peaks, deep caves, rocky beaches. And, of course, friendly people. All this is still unknown to you Georgia. A country where lovers of culture and history will feel transported to the past, walking through ancient cities and towns. And lovers of peace and quiet can enjoy a magnificent mountain sunset with a glass of fragrant Georgian wine.

Our Tours to Georgia offer you an amazing romantic vacation surrounded by the unique nature of this country. Georgia is a relatively small country, so you can easily explore it while traveling: from cave monasteries in the South to desert landscapes in the East, from dense forests to the spectacular Caucasus mountains and beaches on the Black sea. Tours to Georgia  take you from medieval Kutaisi to the lush green slopes of the Mestia valley. Reconnect with nature in Hiking and Hiking, learn the secrets of Georgian cheese production and pamper your taste buds with fragrant Georgian wine.

Georgia is a place where guests are always welcome!

Briefly about Georgia

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Briefly about Georgia
Georgia – whether it is a crowded capital, seaside towns or quiet mountain villages-will impress your imagination. Georgia has significantly improved its tourism infrastructure over the past decade. However, it still manages to maintain a genuine charm that is loved by both locals and tourists. This charm is in the incredible panoramas and harsh beauty of mountain peaks, in the unique culture and ancient ornate alphabet of Georgia.

Briefly about Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital of Gorgia, is like an illustration to a Gothic fairy tale. This impression is left by the bright towers and paved streets of the city. The tendency is to wander around the old town, and then relax in one of the traditional restaurants that offer local cuisine. Georgia is hospitable and multi-ethnic. The majority of the population is Georgian, 83.7% of the total population. And there are also Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Russians, Ossetians, Kurds, Greeks, Chechens, and Kistins in Georgia. The smallest national groups living in Georgia are Ukrainians, Assyrians and Abkhazians.

Who and what language is spoken in Georgia?

Most of the local population of Georgia, especially the older generation, speak and understand Russian fluently. Also, a very large part of the populatiom of Tbilisi are Armenians and know Russian. Young people mostly use their native Georgian, but they are fluent in English. Therefore, a traveler who speaks Russian and even the basics of English will feel comfortable in Georgia. But it will be much better if you learn a few simple words in Georgian, and thus show that you respect the local culture. This will help you establish friendly relations with the residents. Moreover, Georgian is one of the ten oldest languages in the world that is still spoken.

Briefly about Georgia
Briefly about Georgia

Money in Georgia

The Georgian lari (GEL) is the official currency of Georgia and the only legal means of payment throughout the country. In Georgia, there are banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 lari, as well as coins of 1 and 2 lari. Small change in Georgia is called “tetri” (1 lari equals 100 tetri). In the country there are coins in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 tetri. The most reliable way to exchange money is to do it in banks that work from 9 to 18 hours except Saturday and Sunday. But it is much more profitable to exchange currencies at exchange offices located on the main streets of cities. They are usually open from 8 to 20 hours, but there are also those that work around the clock. It is not recommended to make currency exchange at third parties.

Briefly about Georgia

In Tbilisi and other cities, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, and markets accept credit card payments. But in rural areas, where banking services and ATMs may not be available, you will need cash. In addition, in taxis and public transport, souvenir shops accept only gel. If you want to check the official exchange rate of the lari against foreign currencies for today, you can do this by clicking on the link below.

Learn more about money here.

A little information about geography

Georgia is located in the Caucasus mountains, and its highest point is mount Shkhara, 16,627 feet (5,068 m) high. The country sometimes suffers from earthquakes, and one-third of it is covered with forests. The total area of Georgia is 26,911 square miles (69,700 sq km), which is slightly smaller than South Carolina. Georgia has borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey and the Black sea. In Georgia there are almost 3 720 000 people. As you might expect, the population density decreases with increasing altitude, as the climate becomes more inhospitable and the atmosphere is thinner.

Briefly about Georgia


Surprisingly, in such a small country, there are 26,060 rivers and more than 40 protected areas. Therefore, a significant part of the country is virgin nature.

The Climate Of Georgia

Since there are no peak or unseasonal changes, you can visit Georgia at any time of the year. Due to its geographical location, it has a diverse climate, mostly subtropical. Summers are hot and humid, and winters are moderately cold. While the Northern mountain peaks are constantly covered with snow, the West coast of the Black sea has pleasant weather all year round. So if you are wondering what would be the best time to visit Georgia or its capital Tbilisi, be sure that you can visit it throughout the year.

Briefly about Georgia

In winter, summer, spring and autumn, Georgia is simply beautiful. Winter is cool and quiet with occasional snowfall. Spring is best for trout fishing, and the glades are full of wildflowers, flowering dogwoods, and native azaleas. Summer brings an abundance of mountain Laurel and rhododendron flowers, as well as the opportunity to go boating and rafting. Georgia is also an ideal place to celebrate the harvest and the magnificent color of autumn, or to spend a vacation with family and friends.

More information about climate of Georgia.

What is important to know when you arrive in Georgia

Georgians are  hospitable people. Therefore, you can safely contact them if you have any questions or difficulties during your vacation. However, as in any country, Georgia has a number of nuances that need to be taken into account. Smoking in public places is prohibited in Georgia. But in fact, this is not regulated in any way. Everyone smokes on the streets, at bus stops, in minibuses, and sometimes even in the train compartment. You must be extremely careful in Georgia when crossing the street. Even at the crossing, none of the drivers brakes. And underground passages in cities are catastrophically small. Residents choose the third option: just cross the road in a convenient place for them. More precisely, they run over. The traffic is very dense, and drivers do not miss anyone, it is easy to get under the wheels. However, accidents are quite rare.

Briefly about Georgia

Who needs a visa?

Citizens of more than 90 countries listed on the they can enter Georgia without a visa for up to one year. To do this, they only need a foreign passport. Residents of Ukraine and Russia can also visit Georgia without a visa.

Learn more about visas and customs regulations here.

Briefly about Georgia


The standard voltage is 220 V. and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Outlets in the premises are two-pin, only expensive hotels in the capital are equipped with European standard outlets.


There are three mobile operators in Georgia: Magti, Geocell and Beeline. All of them work perfectly in cities and cover them with high-speed 4G networks. Communication is slightly worse in rural areas and quite bad in high mountains. Many who have already been to Georgia recommend connecting to Magti, as This operator offers a 4.5 G network and the best connection in Georgia.

Learn more about mobile communications in Georgia  here.

Briefly about Georgia


In Georgia, one emergency medical service number is 112.

Please note that this is a single number for all emergency calls. by dialing 112, you can call not only an ambulance, but also the fire brigade, police, and emergency management team. The service is also adapted for people with special needs. Information about an emergency and a call for help can be made via video call and even SMS. For more information and video instructions, see the following link: You can call 112 from anywhere in Georgia at any time of the day or night. Using emergency services is absolutely free!

Briefly about Georgia


In General, Georgia is an incredibly safe country to travel. Much safer than in major European cities such as Paris, London or Rome. But unpleasant incidents do happen. As elsewhere in the world, there are cases of fraud and robbery. Take the usual precautions, don’t put yourself in unnecessarily risky situations, and trust your intuition.

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