Climate and weather in Georgia

Located between the Black sea and the Caucasus mountains, Georgia has  become a popular tourist destination. First of all, thanks to the ancient churches and monasteries, high mountains, incredible wine and delicious food, friendly locals. But the fact that Georgia is a country with favorable climatic conditions that you can visit all year round also plays a significant role here!

Georgia’s location on the border between the temperate humid Mediterranean and the dry continental regions of the Aral sea is responsible for the country’s climate. The climate zones here range from humid subtropical to perpetual snow and glaciers. The great Caucasus range does not allow cold air to pass through from the North.

Climate and weather in Georgia

Western Georgia

In the Western part of the country – along The black sea coast, from Abkhazia to the border with Turkey and in the region known as the Colchis lowland – a humid subtropical climate is dominant. There are several varieties of palm trees growing here. In January, it is + 5 °C, and in mid – summer-22 °C.

Climate and weather in Georgia

Eastern Georgia

Eastern Georgia is protected from the Black sea by the  mountains Lihi, so this part of the country is experiencing a transition from a subtropical to a temperate climate. The average temperature in summer is from + 20 to + 24 °C, in winter from + 2 to + 4 °C. Humidity is lower.

Highlands Of Georgia

In the East and West, as well as semi-desert areas on the Iori plateau to the Southeast, there are distinct microclimates. Alpine conditions start from 2100 meters and above 3600 meters all year round, there is always snow and ice.

Climate and weather in Georgia

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Best time to visit the country

Summer in Georgia is hot and humid, and winters are moderately cold. The average temperature in January ranges from-2 °C (Kolkheti) to + 3 °C; in August, from + 23 to + 26 °C. While the Northern mountain peaks are constantly covered with snow, the West coast of the Black sea enjoys pleasant weather all year round.

It is amazing, but in the late spring from the resorts of Svaneti, when there is still snow in the mountains, and you can ski and snowboard at your own pleasure,you will reach Batumi in a few hours along the mountain serpentine, and there you will find a warm sea coast. And nothing will prevent you from doing swimming and winter sports on the same day. To simplify the task, we will provide you with detailed information about the weather in Georgia, depending on the season.

Georgia in winter (from December to February)

In December, the weather in Georgia in winter usually becomes very cold, the temperature ranges from + 2 to + 6 °C (the nights are even colder, and the temperature often falls below 0 degrees). It is snowing all over Georgia, and in some places, such as Tetnuldi in the Svaneti region in the Western part of the country, the first snowfall falls in September.

Georgia is magical in winter. Snow in Georgia (and it lies until March) turns the country into a white Paradise. Popular ski resorts are opening. Winter months are the best time for active recreation in the ski resorts of Georgia. However, some of them, for example, Gudauri, you can ski even in March and April.

Gudauri is the pearl of Georgian ski resorts, but there are also Bakuriani, Tetnuldi, Hatsvali (Mestia) and Goderdzi in the country. Among the main reasons to choose Georgia as your best winter travel destination are the many snow trails, well – maintained ski lifts, and a safe and welcoming environment.

Climate and weather in Georgia

Georgia in spring (from March to May)

It is best  option to travel to Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia in the spring months, when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. In the last months of spring, there may be frequent rains, so we recommend that you pack your raincoat along with the rest of your Luggage, just in case.

Many tourists will agree that Georgia in the spring, especially in may – is an ideal time to travel around the country. At this time, the temperature is cool and comfortable. Eastern Georgia is drier and cooler, while Western Georgia is warmer and has more precipitation.

In spring, you can enjoy a walk in the Kharagauli national Park with its lush green forests and beautiful foliage. Spring is a great time to travel around Adjara, where you will be accompanied by the scent of blooming magnolias and colorful camellias.

Climate and weather in Georgia

And you need to come to Tbilisi in may. Walking through the cobblestone streets of the Old city or bathing in the sulfur baths is a pleasure thanks to the beautiful weather. An aerial tram ride up to Mtatsminda mountain and a walk through the Park there is the best way to admire the green city in spring.

Batumi is the second best place to visit in Georgia in may after Tbilisi. This city is built on The black sea coast and is a Paradise for beach lovers. Warm and comfortable in the spring, the Batumi Boulevard and the area in Europe – perfect places for walking.

Georgia in summer (June-August)

The average summer temperature in Georgia ranges from + 20 °C to + 30 °C degrees Celsius, which means that it is hot at this time. Most resorts in Georgia are usually full of tourists in summer. However, keep in mind that coastal areas will be somewhat humid for those who are not used to a tropical climate. However, the black sea resort city of Batumi, with its year-round temperate climate and temperatures that range from + 19 to + 26 °C, is a popular summer destination for both tourists and Georgian travelers.

Climate and weather in Georgia

Other popular destinations in Georgia for summer holidays include resort towns and villages such as Kobuleti, Shekvetili, Ureki, Kvariati and Sarpi. You will never forget summer in Georgia. In June, the yellow Azalea blooms, and yellow shades are mixed with a lot of green and white, in July and August, roses are fragrant.

Georgia in autumn (September to November)

Autumn in Georgia is beautiful. Especially in the velvet season, when there are still many Sunny days, you can swim in the sea until the end of October. This is a perfect time for Hiking in the low mountains of the country and excursions to the cities.

And at the end of October – November, when there are frequent rains, the mountains are covered with dense fogs or there is a slight frost, Georgia becomes mysterious. For a trip in November, we recommend packing quick-drying clothes and raincoats, because autumn is usually the wet season in Georgia, and this is a good time to resort to indoor activities. In November, you should go to Kakheti or Borjomi, where the weather still sometimes pleases with bright days.

Climate and weather in Georgia

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