Mobile Communications in Georgia

Mobile Communications in Georgia

In the modern world, it is very difficult to imagine a person in isolation from telecommunications, especially when it comes to mobile communications and the Internet.

When visiting another country, whether it is a vacation in Georgia or a business trip abroad, you want to be in touch anywhere and at any time. Therefore, it is worth thinking about this in advance.

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Third-generation coverage indicates a high level of mobile communication in Georgia. The exception is very remote corners of mountainous terrain. Although they are working on it. Sometimes it’s exciting. Imagine: you are going on a tour to local attractions, all around it looks like there were no people in sight, or were, but for a very long time. You take out your phone to capture beautiful views, and it” 4G ” catches! You can immediately send a photo to the social network. However, it is more likely to say “3G” or “H”.

We recommend that you become the owner of a local SIM card: make a call or immediately go to the Internet will be much cheaper than roaming.

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What mobile operators are there in Georgia

Currently, there are three mobile operators in Georgia-Magticom, Silknet and Beeline. Previously, there was another operator – Geocell, but in 2018 it was completely bought out by Silknet and thus took second place in the niche of mobile operators.

Мобильная связь Джеоселл, Магти и Билайн

The leading position in the mobile market is occupied by the operator Magticom. The standard fare is as follows:

Price per minute in all directions in Georgia-24 tetri
SMS/MMS-6 tetri
Mobile Internet: 1MB-10 tetri
The cost of an international call from 35 tetri
Foreign SMS-24 tetri

There are also many convenient packages with unlimited minutes, SMS and MMS to all networks, mobile Internet from 1 GB and a price of 5 lari/7 days.

The company Magticom a tariff for international calls, in which the cost of 1 minute is 15 tetri.

Beeline allows you to purchase tariffs with an Internet package of 500 MB or more for 2 lari/month. There are also tariffs with minutes included for local networks (from 70 minutes for 7 gel). Unlimited minutes within the Beeline network are available on all tariffs.

In addition to the fare, the rates are as follows:
1 min-10 tetri (call to another operator’s network);
1 SMS – 1 tetri (for all operators);
1 MB – 10 Tetris.

Silknet (aka Geocell) – provides the widest list of fares and plans. An All-inclusive package is considered convenient for tourists: 30 minutes for international calls, unlimited minutes and SMS for local operators, and 2 GB of mobile Internet. This SIM card is valid for 15 days.

To purchase a SIM card, you only need a passport. It is enough to drive up to the office of the selected operator’s company or issue a SIM card at the airport upon arrival.

Mobile Communications in Georgia

Roaming service of Russian operators

There are situations when you can not leave your phone number for a minute, even on vacation. In this case, the “roaming” service from Your operator will help you. Approximate prices are shown below.

Beeline allows you to communicate in roaming at the following prices:

Package of 20 minutes per day-from 200 rubles.
1 minute before the end of the day after the package is exhausted-from 10 rubles.
Incoming SMS messages – 0 RUB.
SMS messages to any number-from 30 rubles.
Package 50 MB per day – 250 rubles. (each MB of excess – 5 rubles.)

MTS provides a more extensive selection:

Mixed rate plan with minutes and Internet “Subprime” – from 350 RUB./day.
The rate for surfing on the Internet “BIT abroad” – from 450 rubles/day.
Tariff for conversations “Zero without borders” – from 390 rubles/day.

MegaFon charges a subscription fee on the day of use for the 1st Internet connection originating in Russia or any incoming one in the amount of 259 rubles, the rest of the conditions are as at home. However, there are nuances:

Outgoing calls to Georgia – 99 RUB.
Outgoing SMS – 29 rubles.
All incoming and outgoing calls to Russia from 61 minutes a day – 99 rubles.

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