Transport in Georgia

Transport in Georgia

How can I get to Georgia ?

There are several ways to get to this country. The easiest and fastest is by plane. In Georgia, there are 3 main airports where planes stay, from where in most cases tourists get to Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, as well as to the resort of Abastumani. By the way, the transport infrastructure of the country is well developed, so you can get from these airports to other resorts.

Georgia is a large country, so you should plan your flight in advance. This will reduce not only the time to get to the resort, but also the money. You can also pre-mark a list of places and attractions that you would like to visit. You can find the list of attractions here.

The main stream of visitors of Georgia arrives in Tbilisi. From there, you can go to the mountain towns of Kazek and Gudauri. The main transport artery from Tbilisi to these cities is the Georgian military road. It is also convenient to go from Tbilisi to the center of Georgian wine — making-Kakheti. From the capital, you can also get to Samtskhe-Javakheti — this is the so-called Georgian “Tibet”, where there are extinct volcanoes, lakes, and huge plateaus. In addition, it is convenient to get from the capital to the cave region-Vardzia and Uplistsikhe, to Borjomi and the David Gareji monastery.

To learn more about interesting places and get ideas for your upcoming trip, visit this  page.

Transport in Georgia

Georgia is famous for its warm and gentle sea. The best place to relax on the sea is Batumi. The beaches in this city are equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay. However, lovers of soft sand should consider the resorts of Ureki and grigoleti. The beaches of these cities have the famous magnetic sand. In addition, guests of Batumi should not spend their entire vacation exclusively on the sea. There are many other interesting places in the city. You should definitely visit Adjara, which is rich in beautiful views and historical places. You can find an overview of Georgia’s beaches here.


Transport in Georgia

If consider budget airlines, it is better to choose Kutaisi as the arrival point. The fact is that low-costers can land at this airport. From this airport, you can also get to Batumi and other cities. You can find out how to get to any place in Georgia from there below.


Transport in Georgia

In addition to air transport, you can get to the country by private car. The most suitable option is to go along the Georgian military route. If you decide to visit the country in your car, then visit the website of the Department of highways in Georgia: This resource contains information about the state of roads. You can also check the data by calling the Department’s hotline: +995 322 31 30 76.


Transport in Georgia

In addition to airlines and public roads, you can arrive in Georgia on the Ilyichevsk-Batumi ferry, as well as on the passenger ship “Cometa”, which departs from Sochi and arrives in Batumi.

Long distance moving services in Georgia

There are no problems with traveling between the cities in Georgia.


Transport in Georgia

Train enthusiasts can use the country’s railway website, which shows available routes as well as train departure schedules. All information on the site is available not only in English, but also in Russian: The most used direction is Tbilisi-Batumi. It is used by fairly comfortable Express trains. However, during the season, there may be no tickets for the train. Therefore, if you choose railway as the main transport, you should take care of the availability of tickets in advance and book them.

Bus lines and minibuses

Traveling by bus or minibus is the most popular way to get around Georgia. In the capital of the country there are two major bus stations, from which there is a departure to all points of Georgia. So, from the Samgori metro station, you can take the route towards Kakheti in the Eastern direction. If you need to go West towards Batumi — you can land from the Didube metro station.

Transport in Georgia

Shuttle buses run between cities quite often. Unfortunately, in this case, you may encounter a slight inconvenience in the form of a lack of schedule. Often, the driver of a minibus can go exactly at the moment when the car is completely filled with passengers. In addition, it often happens that the driver can “drop in” to some place on their own business. Because of this, it is likely that instead of the estimated 2 hours on the road, you can spend all 2.5 hours. On the one hand, this is a small adventure, but on the other hand it can be a problem if you are in a hurry to Board a plane.

However, there is an alternative way to travel around the country. There are 2 companies operating in Georgia that provide passenger transportation at the highest level of service. At the same time, the cost of bus tickets is equal to the cost of a ticket for a minibus. Clean bus cabins, polite staff, as well as an accurate departure and arrival schedule — this is for those who do not need such “small” adventures.

Transport in Georgia

So, these two companies are called ” Metro “and” Georgian Bus”. The route of the first company always starts from Ortachala station, and you can find the ticket price and schedule on the website

Routes of the second organization may be more convenient, since they do not arrive at the border of the city where the bus stations are located, but in the center. With the same company, you can get from the airport of Kutaisi. Tickets and route schedules can be found here. In addition, the company provides a 10% discount to holders of a special Georgia Guest Card.

Taxi and transfers

Transport in Georgia

Those who prefer to travel by car can take a taxi. In Georgia, taxis are quite often used for moving between cities. It is also possible to book a transfer. The service is more convenient than a taxi, but you need to book a transfer in advance. Often, a transfer is a more convenient and comfortable way to get to another city, unlike a taxi, where the car interior may not always be in its purest form. You can contact us and we will arrange a transfer for you at any time and in the desired direction.


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Transport in Georgia

You can also hitchhike in Georgia. In this country, this method of travel is often used and is considered quite safe. Georgians are quite hospitable, so few people will refuse to give You a lift if the driver is on the way. However, this method of travel has a number of nuances. There are many people of other nationalities in Georgia, so they can talk to You in both Georgian and Turkish. Many people in Georgia speak Russian and English. Therefore, you should always be prepared for the fact that you may come across a driver with whom it will be difficult to establish contact.


Transport in Georgia

In Georgia, there are also two interesting types of transport-an airplane, which runs from Tbilisi to Mestia, and Ambrolauri. The price of a ticket for this plane is almost equal to the costs that You will spend on travel on ordinary roads. If we talk about the route that runs through historical places, this is the Borjomi-Bakuriani train. Let the route of the train run along a narrow-gauge old railway track. During the trip, you will be exposed to unforgettable views of wooded mountains. These species are especially good in the autumn period.

Travel around Georgia by car

Almost all roads in the country are in excellent condition. Dirt roads are also maintained in good condition, except in very remote areas. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to rent a car and travel around the country in it. Most companies that rent cars in Georgia participate in the Georgia Guest Card program, which allows you to enjoy discounts if You have such a card.

Transport in Georgia

However, it is worth remembering that Georgia is a country with a large number of mountain roads. In view of this, it is better to choose to rent not a simple sedan, but an SUV or something with a high ground clearance. Thus, you will not have to experience any inconvenience in order to get to attractions that are located at a distance from major highways and public roads. Also read this article-it describes all the features of the organization of traffic by car in Georgia.


Transport in Georgia Transport in Georgia

In addition to the advantages that the car gives relative freedom to move around the country, you will enjoy low fuel prices. There are a lot of classic gas stations in the country, but you can’t find gas stations everywhere, so this fact should be taken into account when building a route.

Be sure to follow the traffic rules in this country. Here with this all very strictly. Not wearing a seat belt, as well as a mobile phone near your ear while driving, will inevitably lead to a fine. It is also worth remembering that police officers in Georgia should never be bribed. This will entail far more serious consequences than the usual fine.

Transport in Georgia

At the same time, local residents, when the police are not nearby, can afford some liberties in the style of driving and often violate the rules. Therefore, you need to be careful on the roads of Georgia. However, this trend is not widespread and overall driving culture in the country is at a high level. For example, drivers of heavy trucks often help to overtake them by blinking their headlights or pulling over to the side of the road, passing cars.

If you have an unexpected situation while traveling, you can use the phone numbers 112 and 911. You can quickly call the police, fire service, ambulance and rescue service using these phones. It is very important to know where to call in an emergency.

There are a lot of cows on the roads of Georgia, especially outside the city. Especially there are a lot of them if you drive through the villages. Cows are often not afraid of passing traffic and can even lie directly on the road. They like to lie down on the bridges, where it is cooler. Often they do not respond even to a signal, so it is better to avoid such obstacles.

Transport in Georgia

What are the ways to get from Kutaisi airport to any part of the country?

The first way is by bus. Convenient, scheduled, and reasonably inexpensive. In Tbilisi, you can drive from there for 20 lari, and in Batumi for 15 lari. There are always plenty of seats, so do not worry about a lack of tickets. However, the disadvantages of buses are that You always depend on the schedule.
The second way is by minibus. Drivers drive less culturally than bus drivers and can often stop by on their own business. The schedule for the most part not respected. Ticket prices almost equal to the price of the bus.
The third way is a taxi. Many taxi drivers are literally on duty near the exit from the airport and are happy to offer guests of the country to get anywhere in the country. This is of course convenient, but a trip to Tbilisi will cost up to 150 gel – this is the minimum price. Often the cost can reach up to 250 gel. You can go to Batumi for up to 150 gel, no more. It is also practiced to divide the cost between fellow travelers. You should ask the driver to search for them and divide the cost of the trip in half.
The fourth way is a trip in an individual transfer. In fact, it is the same taxi. The difference is that it was ordered in advance and is waiting for You. In terms of car comfort, this is better than a taxi, and drivers are often much more polite and adequate on the road than taxi drivers. You can order an individual transfer to any city of Georgia by writing us an email
The fifth way is to rent a car. There are always companies that rent cars at airports. The cost of such pleasure on average varies from $ 50 to $ 100 per SUV per day and from $ 40 for a regular sedan, per day.
The sixth way is to hitchhike between cities. This is not the best, often not even the most comfortable way to travel, but it is cheap. In addition, drivers in Georgia are always happy to take fellow travelers.

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Public transport in Georgia

Public transport is the main way to get around the city. In large cities, transport is very developed.

Transport in Georgia

There is a metro that includes two lines and allows you to get to almost any part of the city. There are also a large number of bus stations. Transport moves according to the schedule, and at each stop point you can see how long it will take for a particular route to arrive. The ticket price in the metro and bus is the same and is 50 tetri. Payment is made using a special transport card. Therefore, if you plan to use public transport, you should purchase this card.

In addition to ground public transport and the metro, the city also runs minibuses. They differ from intercity buses and are equipped with air conditioning in the cabin. In General, the interior of these minibuses is more comfortable. The cost is 80 Tetris.

There are also taxis in the city. This is the most frequently used transport in Georgia for tourists. A special feature is that the taxi here is not ordered to the address, but is caught right by the road. Fortunately, there are enough taxis in cities. Even if You are standing by the road, you will be sure to drive up to 3 or even 4 cars, with the question of where You need to get to. Before you travel, be sure to check the cost in advance. Drivers often voice an inflated fare. On average, taxi prices in the capital are 3 gel for trips in the Central part, as well as 20-25 gel from the center of the capital to the airport.

There are two major taxi services in Georgia: Maxim: +995 322 260 60 60 and S Taxi: +995 322 225 52 25. Save these phone numbers for yourself, as they can be very useful if You find yourself on an unfamiliar street or stay late at a restaurant.

One of the features of a taxi in Georgia is that it will be more expensive in Batumi than in the capital. In the case of holidays in Batumi, it is better to rent a bike, since there are quite a lot of rental points in the city. This will not only allow you to get freedom of movement, but also allow you to avoid congestion.

Such a way of transportation as a funicular will become a curiosity for our people. This is the most convenient way to get to Mtatsminda Park. If you are in this Park, be sure to visit the Ferris wheel, the views from there are simply unforgettable.

Transport in Georgia

Georgia has everything you need to travel around the country quickly and comfortably. You don’t have to spend your entire vacation in major cities. There are many other places in Georgia that are not similar to each other and have their own unforgettable charm. Therefore, this country is worth traveling!

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